17 December 2017

Slush Helsinki 2017

The most important startup event for the Nordic society takes place in Helsinki in the beginning of December.  The slogan of this underground-ish event is pretty straightforward  : «Nothing normal ever changed a damn thing.». 
Apart from being unique in a sense of the whole setting - you step into some kind of a dark fairytale upon arrival, huge hangar-like building with no windows definitely maintains the atmosphere, the whole event is most certainly different from any other thing you could’ve possibly experienced in your event attending life.


What makes Slush so different? Firstly, the matchmaking tool is highly effective and gives you an amazing opportunity to connect and setup meetings with any person who is going to attend Slush,  secondly - a large variety of talks and workshops and, last but not least, great side events that help you make new connections in a very informal setup.

2 days of hard networking and here is why we will definitely come back next year : 

  • Side events to help you relax and make networking more comfortable;
  • Great concentration of people who are passionate about developing their areas of expertise in the Nordic community ;
  • Easy access to high-profile company representatives.


We still have to test the exhibition part of the Slush, and hopefully next year we will make a lot of noise and make everyone talk about us.