Virtual assistant avatar for Banking

Since the beginning of the times banks have been constantly improving the delivery of the most convenient solutions for their clients to make their experience as pleasant as possible. From cards and cheques to online banking and contactless payments, every year there is something new that is supposed to keep customers happy and build up customer loyalty.

Unfortunately, even with the latest tools such as chatbots and virtual assistants, the time customers spend before receiving a much needed response is still unsatisfactory and many prefer the old school methods like calling the hotline or checking the endless FAQ pages. The excruciating amount of time and always the same tunes or voice messages while people are holding the line or forever scrolling the FAQ pages leads to unsatisfactory customer experience.

After going through the same experience we have asked ourselves - is there anything we can do to make our lives easier? Is there a way to improve the existing solutions and to reduce the response time without wasting time on listening to service ads or having to interact with a bank clerk directly?

After conducting research on the latest technologies used by banks, Aligned Research Group, in cooperation with Samara University, has created and delivered the virtual assistant solution for one of the largest Eastern European banks. Our team of machine learning and high performance systems experts has developed Elena - a virtual assistant that really understands you. The solution itself provides a seamless communication between Elena and a customer and, unlike endless FAQ-sections and chatbots, gives you only the necessary information.

Under the hood of Aligned Research Group’s virtual assistant technology, the key components are:

  • Top-quality text-to-speech engine from the leading Russian speech technology provider; 
  • Autoencoder artificial neural network trained to reproduce human mimics;
  • High-performance video processing unit combining and transforming speech, mimics, and the image of a real person into an HD video stream;

Unlike computer-animated characters we see in the movies, photorealistic virtual assistant can be created from any real person. It can visually present the message at the same speed you would type the text message.

We have optimized the data transfer between CPU and GPU, conducted a refactoring in the client-server architecture and integrated pipeline system processing that led to a shortcut between input-output operations. As result, the speed of the virtual assistant’s avatar reaction has been increased by 40 times. The obtained solution significantly surpasses the previous versions of similar products in quality and stability.

The end solution is not only fast and accurate, but also very human-like - interaction with Elena makes you feel as if you are really talking to a real human being, but with a computer instead of brains.