01 November 2017

WSAI 2017

In the beginning of October we had a pleasure of attending World Summit AI in Amsterdam, the very first of more to come. Truth be told, at first we were quite sceptical about how good can the first event turn out, but the second we got there we realised that all our worries were unreasonable. Starting with a great location, interesting speakers and overall really nice setup and ending with a great DJ set to help people unwind at night WSAI can easily be called one of the most interesting AI events of the year.

Personally we did find it useful, and here is why:

  • All the talks were interesting and we learned something new in each and every one;
  • We got to explore new companies;
  • We had an opportunity to talk to interesting people and even make new friends;
  • We left the event with couple of really interesting leads that we will most definitely exploit.